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MyBoardwalk Rechargeable Card

Your new card makes playing arcade games easier than ever, so you can focus on having fun!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Your card can be used to play arcade games and midway games throughout the Boardwalk.
  • Keep your card safe, it never expires.
  • You can add more value to your card at MyBoardwalk Kiosks located inside every arcade. MyBoardwalk Kiosks will be added to other locations throughout the Boardwalk soon.
  • Your card can be transferred or shared with family and friends.
  • Soon you will be able to register your card and earn bonus credits for free game play.

MyBoardwalk FAQ

What is MyBoardwalk?

MyBoardwalk is the name of a new cashless card program that is replacing the use of arcade tokens in Boardwalk Arcades. You can also use MyBoardwalk cards at midway games, and will soon be able to use the cards to purchase rides and attractions.

Do I need a card to play arcade games or can I still use tokens?

You need a MyBoardwalk Card to play arcade games. You can use either a MyBoardwalk Card or a credit card to play midway games.

Where can I get a card?

Cards are currently available at MyBoardwalk Kiosks in the arcades on the Boardwalk, in the Boardwalk Bowl arcade area, and the Boardwalk’s Season Pass Office located at Entrance 2. They will soon also be available at MyBoardwalk Kiosks on the Boardwalk, and from cashiers at Laser Tag in the Casino Arcade and Mini Golf in Neptune’s Kingdom.

Are cards free?

There is no charge for the card. You receive a MyBoardwalk Card when you purchase credits.

How do the Kiosks work?

They use a simple touch screen and accept either cash or credit cards.

Where can I use a MyBoardwalk Card?

You can use your MyBoardwalk Card to play Boardwalk midway and arcade games. You can also use the card to play arcade games at the Boardwalk Bowl.

What are Bonus Credits?

Bonus credits are free game credits that are added to your card as a reward for using it.

Does everyone in my family need their own card?

It’s up to you. The whole family can share one card, or everyone can have their own card.

Can I give a card as a gift?

Yes! They make great gifts. Ask for a special gift envelope at our Season Pass Office.

What happens to unused credits on my card?

Your MyBoardwalk Card does not expire, so just use it the next time you visit the Boardwalk.

What if my child loses their card?

A MyBoardwalk Card is just like cash or tokens. If it’s lost, we cannot offer a refund.

Can I still win tickets for prizes at Redemption Games in Boardwalk Arcades?

Yes! Redemption games in the Boardwalk Arcades will still issue tickets for prizes. When you win tickets, you can redeem them for prizes at the Prize Center or you can save them as Prize Tickets on your MyBoardwalk Card and use them in the future. Visit the Prize Center for assistance.

I have some old Boardwalk Arcade tokens, can I still use them?

Just bring your tokens to the Boardwalk’s Season Pass Office, or a cashier at Laser Tag or Mini Golf and exchange your tokens for credit on your MyBoardwalk Card. A few games will still use tokens.

Where can I get more information?

Email guest.services@beachboardwalk.com, call 831-423-5590.

Play on!